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How my transformation transformed my life forever!

Thanks to my transformation both physically and mentaly I have managed to do great things.
Meet world stars celebrities such as Mel Gibson, Vanilla Ice, Huge Hilton, Steve Wozniak and many more.
And thanks to my transformation I am being mentored by one of the world's most knowledgeable health scientist Pierre Hanell, and I am mentored about business by multimillionaire real-estate investor Paul Kazanowski.

And with the knowledge, I have gathered throughout  the
But most and foremost I am now able to help other people to transform them both physically and mentally.

But it was not always like this...


Before transformation!

 I grew up with my family in Sweden, didn't have any diversity until... The second day I came to school people started to bully me.
After a few years of bullying, my parents decided to take in foster-kids... Those foster-kids and their business took up all their time and had no more energy for me.
After 5 years of bullying I decided to change school and the bullying stopped, but by that point, I was extremely depressed, but the new school helped to get over the depression.

When the bullying was over... but I rarely got time with my family.

The years went by and 2016 of June, something happened that I never thought could or even would happen.
My parents got divorced, and I went into a deep depression and even tried to take my own life, but I chose not to.
I just told myself to be patient and with time good things would come.

And in September 2016 I looked myself in the mirror for the first time in two years, and after that, I knew my life never would be the same ever again...


How I did it!

Two months went by, the 27th of November 2016 I decided to look myself in the mirror again willingly. I hated what I saw, and I hated that I hated myself. So what did I decide to do?
I decided that I would never look or feel like I did then, both mentally and physically.
I did not know where to start but I did know that I needed to workout, and I had done a detox previous a few years before I really wanted to change.
I went on a detox and cleansed my body and taste palette so I wouldn't get any more cravings. I also joined a gym and started to workout every day.
So, that was all I was doing, I went to school, went to the gym then I went home and educated myself. That was all I was doing every single day, day in and day out, and after 10 months I had lost 76lbs (31kg) and went from 106,7kg to 75,7 kg.
When I had passed my goal weight, I didn't stop, no I kept going, setting new goals and CRUSHING them!
Then in the beginning of 2017, I meet Pierre Hanell... And the rest is history.


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